Saturday, February 6, 2010

Emotional IQ - Nature of Fear

It is interesting when I think about "Emotional IQ", specifically about "Fear", I start to receive more information on these concept categories.  I receive Mail Magazine about "Fear" and "Procrastination", blog subscription highlight pots about emotions.  Some may say that it is because my brain is set for picking up these concepts when I think about them.  It may be true to some extend, but it seems to me there are a little bit more than that.  It appears to me that I am sending signals to magnetize and gather information on these concepts.

We examined fear can be categorized on the "fear to loose something you possess" and the "fear not to obtain something you wanted."  Now let's talk about "Nature of Fear".  As we discussed, we were all born with fear.  Not just human beings, but any animal is born with fear.  The fear is one of built-in mechanism of any creature on the planet earth.  Fear is one of the safety mechanism prepared for avoiding dangers in living.  So, everybody feels fear.  The most bravest person in the world feels fear as you and I do.  Knowing this is one of important factor to deal with your fear.  Nobody is fearless even they are called so.

Then, how and when do we feel fear?  It may not be all, but whenever we feel sick, we feel fear.  You do not have to be seriously ill to feel fear.  Even you have hung-over from previous night drinking triggers your fear.  2nd, when you face up to something which you cannot control yourself, that will give you a fear.  For example you do not receive email reply from your lover, your colleagues in your company loosing their jobs, stock market crashes, etc...

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw .. as you say fear is in all of us .. and if we can learn to master that fear, and somehow remain in control then we have some chance of defeating that fear.

Personally I don't like to dwell on fear - I like to find out how to deal with it - if it occurs .. martial arts, or a good form of self-defence is essential ..

Go well - Hilary

Shaw said...

Hi Hilary,

Thank you for your coming. Thank you for your comment. Though we will not be able to get rid of fear, or we should not remove all the fear, we will be able to cope with our emotion before it gabble us. I will talk about it in the coming posts.

Thank you again,
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link