Thursday, December 11, 2008

5 Market Elements

I happened to come across interesting marketing training video today. I thought it will be useful to share this information here with my dear readers.

Unfortunately, this material is all Japanese and cannot upload the video and original materials used. But, I can explain essence of this marketing training.

The title of this marketing course is "5 Management Elements" and talks mostly about company management. However, this information is very useful to learn what is today's market and how we, entrepreneurs make most of it.

If you have involved in a company management or attended management course, you might have learned that there are 3 important resources of company management. 1. People (basically employee, or we can call them Human Resources) 2. Products (I do not think any explanation necessary) 3. Money (Fund, you can call it)

So, resource can look like the illustration, left side. It goes without saying the importance of people who you work with. It is quite self-explanatory model, including money and products. I remember early part of 2002, I was running like a headless chicken to find proper products to sell.

It looks like the importance of these 3 elements have not been changed much in Internet age. You can call it classical model of management element.

Interesting was the next new model. Because of the change of media, people's mind, business behavior, available business tools, it tells that management resources are no longer 3. We need to recognize the following 5 elements of management and make use of them in addition to legacy 3 elements. 4th is "Information". 5th is "Branding". Now the elements looks like the illustration to your right.

I totally believe that 3 elements model is changed to be 5 elements, today. And importance of "People's Elements", namely Information and Branding are increasing in management and marketing models. Thanks to well developed Internet Tools, you can develop and promote your brands nowadays. People who does not have enough Money can gain Information and promote Brand can develop Products which has value and be successful. The ones who can manage information and brand will win the next game.

Now, what do you need to fill your missing link to adjust yourself to this new trend?

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