Monday, December 29, 2008

Looking back the year 2008

Today is December 29. Only 3 days left in the year 2008. The year 2008 meant a lot for me. When I decided to spin off from previous employment in the end of year 2000, Beijing was selected to be the place for Olympic in 2008. This was the year of Beijing Olympic. State held quarters started to be issued in the year 2000. Last quarters were being issued in 2008. That time, in year 2000, I was not sure if I will still be here in San Francisco in 2008. I was not sure if I could watch Beijing Olympic in San Francisco. I could not imagine I will be able to fill the last quarters to the quoter holder panel this year. This year, I enjoyed Beijing Olympic in NBC program and last week, I could fill the later quoter from Hawaii to my holder panel.

Year 2008 was not for the big success, but it definitely marked important mile-stone in my voyage of my own business. Economy is unstable now, but I could build base for future growth. Year 2008 for me was the year for new meetings. New meeting with the system where I will be able to build my business. New meeting with the people belonging to the system I can trust. New meeting (discovery) of the course of action for growth.

"Fill the Missing Link" consists of following 3 steps.
1) Find what is missing
2) Find the piece that can fill the missing,
3) Fill the missing using found piece.

It is simple but not easy.
Looking back the year 2008 at the year end, the year 2008 was interesting and important year for foundation of further growth. In thinking of year 2008, I hoped to revisit my own company logo and company slogan. My company profile is to be "Problem Solver", with branding "Fill the Missing Link". As I showed in this simple illustration, problem solving process is usually not complicated. Instead, it is in most of cases pretty simple. Only 3 steps are involved. 1) Find what is missing 2) Find the piece that can fill the missing, and 3) Use the piece to fill the missing.

It sounds simple, right? But, is it easy? Unfortunately for all of us, this simple process is not easy. If you try to use wrong piece to fill the missing, you will not get whole picture right. If you use force, it will be like breaking a puzzle ring by pulling a part out.

In modern school education system, most of us are trained to solve problems with clear solution or answer. But daily issues, especially business problems most probably do not have any clear solution. Thus, most of people do not know how to tackle the problem. Or they can not figure out what is the problem. What is the nature of problem?

You have a business goal. Success. But you are not successful. There is obviously a problem. If you ask yourself what is the problem, you may either have no answer or too many answers. I wanted to simplify the process. The question is "What is missing?", not "What is the problem?". This concept will help you to analyze your situation.

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