Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fill the Missing Link - Internet Business -

Today I wanted to post my statement in my video article.
Here it is:

"Hello everyone! Shaw Funami is here. I would like to share with you my "Philosophy" of life and business. It is "Fill the Missing Link".

Haven't you had a strong feeling of "Missing Something" either in life or business? Sometimes reliable partner to share your lives, sometimes enough fund to start or expand your business, sometimes good innovative idea or implementation tools to make your idea happen.

In many cases you cannot figure out what you are missing, despite you have a strong feeling of SOMETHING MISSING. You might have spent sleepless nights trying to find what is missing like I did.

In some cases, you are simply missing someone who you can trust to address your anxiety or problems.

In case of business, your Missing Link may be Internet geared "Mindset" and "Skillset". According to some reliable research, 90% of marketing and business activities will be done in relation to Internet by year 2010. You are receiving tons of advertising e-mails and websites you surf are full of advertisement. You know it is coming. Internet business will take over legacy business and will be the main stream of business.

You do not feel you are ready? You feel disconnected to the change taking place? If so your "Missing Link" is Internet "Mindset" and "Skillset". I happened to be a part of an advanced, but yet well-established organization who can "Fill the Missing Link" for your Internet "Mindset" and "Skillset".

If you feel unsecured on the Internet business "Mindset", "Skillset", knowledge, experience, information, training, we will be able to help you "Filling your "Missing Link". Let me help you to "Fill" your "Missing Link"."

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