Saturday, December 6, 2008

Importance of Determination

I wanted to post another Martial Arts related article. It took me a while to find my old movie VCR. I remembered there are many lessons from one of my favorite movie, "Karate Kid".

It was so sad that we lost "Pat Morita" who played the role of Mr. Miyagi, Master of Karate and Teacher of Hero, Daniel. In the early part of this movie, "Karate Kid", the boy is so wanted to learn Karate. Finally the teacher agree to teach him. Starting his first lesson, the teacher asks this boy "Are you ready?". He answers back "I guess so." The teacher did not like his answer.

The teacher tells this boy:
"You walk right side of the road, you are safe. You decide to walk left side, you are safe. But, if you walk in the middle without deciding right or left, soon or later, you will be run over by a car. So, understand if you don't do Karate, OK. If you do Karate, OK. But don't be 'Guess so.'"

I have seen a lot of people who failed because of no determination, no dedication. I myself failed a lot of things because I was not determined. This story tells the importance of determination.

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giovanna garcia said...

The point of the teacher is pick a side! Well said, in life that is so important. Know who you are, and what you stand for.

Giovanna Garcia

Shaw said...

Thanks, Giovanna, for your comment. There are so many people who try to check the water and quit. Unfortunately, no result can be brought about for these people. Only who determined can get result.