Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why "Filling the Missing Link" can improve your business

I went to Japanese Consulate General today and felt a little tired. The purpose was simple. I wanted to renew my passport. My wife and I needed to go there often several years ago. We were not married that time yet and I quit my previous employment. I did not have my own company formed, yet. Applying for my wife's stay permit in Japan was pretty stressful.

Coming home, I was thinking that I would skip to write blog article today. Then I found this article.

Seven Simple Things you can do when you are feeling stress.

I started to think about "Fill the Missing Link" and decided to write. Giovanna's article reminded me why I thought "Filling the Missing Link" can be good philosophy, and brand, business slogan. She was suggesting to think "what to do next" instead of thinking "why" not to be stressful. It was exactly why I am advocating "Fill the Missing Link".

There are 3 important key points:
1. "Filling the Missing Link" is totally constructive action.
2. You can fill your missing link because you have completed picture in your mind. It makes your vision clear.
3. It is not stressful because it is process of completing your image. It is almost fun.

It is meaningless to keep thinking why the part is missing. Missing is missing. You should look into the pieces you have to find right one and fill the missing part. That way, we can stay constructive and positive in coping with missing, lacking part of business or life.

I want to thank Giovanna one more time for her inspiring article.

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