Saturday, December 13, 2008

7 things about myself you might not know

In the blogosphere's version of the game of tag, Giovanna Garcia tagged me. By accepting the tagging for this particular meme, I am now going to share seven things about myself that you might not know.

The 2nd part of the game is for me to tag 7 people for them to share 7 interesting Random things about themselves. I am tagging "Kanri-nin", Long Term Overseas Stay, Fighter-K, Over the Sky, JoAnne Green, Hideki Katsuno, Mark Flevin, Gerard Corbett, and Nobuyo Sakamoto, Trivani International. If you want to join in the fun, go and tag 7 people each and ask them to link back to the one who tagged them. Remember to twitter or comment on their blog when you tag them so they will know they have been tag.

This way, we can expand the bloggers' network. Now the 7 things about myself which you might now know.

1. My very first visit to US was 1985 as a business trainee of my previous employment. I stayed in New York for one year at that time. It was my first trip to outside of Japan. I was 29 years old.

2. Soon after arrival to NY in 1985, I went to McDonald for lunch. I tried to buy "Fillet-O-Fish". Spent 5 minutes to made myself understood. I needed to point out the picture in the wall to buy it.

3. In McDonald, same time. The girl asked me if it is "Here or To-go". I did not understand it. The girl put everything into take out-bag. I end up eating hamburgers in the car parked in the McDonald's parking.

4. When in college, I participated in English Debate with Hawaii University representatives. They spoke too fast, I could not write a word from what first constructive speaker said. I grabbed my partner's notepad and walked to podium. When I started to speak and looked down my partner's notepad. Nothing was written. Terrible game. we lost twice as affirmative and negative.

5. Back to New York in 1985, my boss was a New Yorker whose father was immigrated and worked as a taxi driver there for his life. All bad English of mine was transplanted from my former boss.

6. Before I spun off my former employer, I was a director, multimedia products in San Francisco Office of a Japanese electronics manufacturer.

7. In office working, I had a lot of problems with Japanese management people. Instead, I made a lot of friends with non-Japanese people.

As said, the real goal of 7 Things blog posts is to help people find new connections. I need to ask tagged people that they link back to the one who tagged them.

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giovanna garcia said...

Hi Shaw

I totally know what that must have been like for you in the McDonald. I have done that very same thing myself. I pointed at picture, use my hands to make sign language. I have taken Take Out went I wanted to eat in.

We have so much in commonds.
Thank You,
Giovanna Garcia

Shaw said...

Thanks, Giovanna for your comment.

I have a lot of funny English mistakes in my experience. I will talk about them in articles. They are funny now. But that time was sweating. LOL.