Thursday, December 18, 2008

Small Joke on Japanese English

It is holiday season and people are relaxed. I would like to post a relaxed topic today.

My friend and I were posting our funny experience in English which is not our native language. I have a small Japanese English Joke here.

Young Japanese Student was traveling in the US. He wanted to go to New York. He walked into train station. He studied basic English in Japan. So, he thought there should be no problem buying the train ticket. Simple. He thought he was going to New York. So, he walked to the ticket window and asked "TO New York, please". He got TWO (2) tickets. "Oh..." he realized he made a mistake. He said "I made a mistake. FOR New York, please." Now he got FOUR (4) tickets. He is confused and he did not know what he could say. He talked to himself "Eiii---to" (Japanese expression meaning "Let me see"). Ticket sales overheard it and gave him EIGHT (8) tickets.

He did not realize he could just say "New York".

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