Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ninja Training

Old days in Japan, there are spy people called "Ninja". They have special skills for fighting, spying, destroying enemy information lines, etc...

Training skills, they used to jump growing tree. A tree to jump for training was planted when a baby was borne in Ninja family. They jump several times a day. Not many times. As the tree grow, Ninja could jump high. I thought very small actions continued every day make a large difference.

When I was young (I mean "Younger"?) and actively practice Martial Art, I participated in tournaments several times. I found in most of fights, especially for skillful people, the technique which differentiated winner and loser is not "BIG" and "FLASHY" skill, such as jump kick, high round-case kick, and so on. The winning technique is almost always small, short, quick movement, like short distance paunch, low kick, elbow hit, knee kick.

Watching real tournament fight of Karate, Tae-Kun-do, or Kung-Fu, you might have wondered why actual fights are not like Kung-Fu movies. There are several factors. Small, short moves can be faster and precise. 2 things can be learned.

1. Do not think light of small actions. It may be the final decisive factor.

2. Daily small continuous actions will make a large difference at the end. It will be your winning skill later on.

We should not forget also that continuous training of big techniques will enable you to use small and short, but fast and precise move.

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