Friday, November 14, 2008

"Fill the Missing Link"

If you were the one who read some of my articles, you might have recognized I always have the "jigsaw image" on top part of my articles. This image is my company logo and the "IMAGE" of my business concept. I renamed my blog based on this image quite recently. I hoped to launch this "Fill the Missing Link" as my business brand. Today, I would like to talk about my Brand. "Shaw Funami of zhen international, inc. (*zi*) announces its brand, *Fill the Missing Link*.

After 20+ years of being employed, I decided to become independent and self-employed. It is so much different being self-employed from being employed. For example, being employed, the company brand is already there and will be given, regardless you like it or not. But, being self-employed, you must get one. This image as well as my brand slogan "Fill the Missing Link" describes my business belief and basic concept.

No matter what you do, even being employed or self-employed, business is like "jigsaw puzzle". You hope to have whole picture completed, but there is always a missing part. You do not want to give up your business, so you end up continuing to "Fill the Missing Link". If you "find the right piece of puzzle", you can "Fill the Missing Link". Then you see better picture of completed image, your picture will step ahead for completion. Or it becomes easier to find the next missing piece.

It seems to me that this theory applies not just for business, but for life or living. We have something missing for our entire life. But, we cannot leave them to be missing and open. We continue to find someone, something which can fill your missing part.

Either in life or in business, we all need someone who can help you "Finding a Piece of Puzzle" and "Filling the Missing Link". I would love to help you finding the piece and "Fill Your Missing Link". This is my goal of life and goal of my company's business. This "Fill the Missing Link" is not just concept. You will find this can be effective methodology for improvement of your business.

The following is a video-clip I uploaded to YouTube a little whole ago. I talk about "Fill the Missing Link". This is the Internet version of "Fill the Missing Link".

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Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link

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1 comment:

giovanna garcia said...

Hi Shaw

I love how you put it as "zigsaw puzzle" That is what I called it too :-)

The first time I came to your site and I saw that zigsaw puzzle and I liked it!

Yes, please fill the missing link for people, so many of them need it! You are helping a lot of people.

Giovanna Garcia