Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ex-employment Help

Although I wrote several times about ex-employment people and their mindset, I wanted to write here again as an article. It is important for me that these people will not suffer, but enjoy the transit from employment to ex-employment.

I also uploaded video explaining about this. Here is what I said:

"I wanted to talk about what I have been thinking for long time. It is about "Mindset" of ex-employed people.

If you are a business owner who is ex-employment after long years of hard work for a company, either pink-slipped or stepped out yourself, do you experience some emotional difficulties which you cannot control?

Being your own, you must have felt strong, ambitious, anticipating, rigorous, expeecting all new challenges in front of you.

Yet, sometimes you feel depressed. You feel small, sad, lost, disconnected. Despite that you used to hate your employer, company, office, boss, you miss them. Feel isolated and lonely.

Even you feel only something worse will be coming after enough bad happened. You feel different in talking with people. You are afraid that people look down on you, laughing at you. You are afraid of calling, talking, taking challenges, though you were so much anticipated to be your own.

I felt that way. It took me long time to got out of this kind of condition.

Your strongest supporter in your new business challenge is your family. But you cannot talk with your family about it because it will make your family feel unsecured. You hope that your family feels strong about you, don't you?

Although I am not a doctor, nor therapist, nor psychologist, I found only solution to get out of this kind of depressed mental situation. You need to accept your problem and address it with people who you can trust. Get associated with the people who has same problem. Especially talk with someone who could recover this problem.

Being self-employed is so much different from being employed. Everything is new challenge for ex-employment people like me. Without getting help, your challenge may fail or hasten to conclude giving up. Only the people who have experienced same problems and challenges can help you.

I hope to be a help for your ex-employment problems. Contact me in any way you like. E-mail me, call me, Skype me, anything. Let's talk, address our problems. Let's help each other."

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giovanna garcia said...

Mind set is so important. Everything start with what happen in our mind. When a person go from an employment mind set to entrepreneur mind set it can be very tought.

Keep up the good work, you are making a differnce.

Giovanna Garcia

Shaw said...

Thanks, Giovanna, for your comment. I would like to be a help to people as I was helped.