Thursday, April 2, 2009

San Francisco 49 miles Scenic Drive -8

Getting out of Presidio, you will see Greek or Roman Style buildings in the foot of Golden Gate Bridge. This is Marina District and here you find hands-on style science museum here called "Exploratorium". Inside of the museum, there are lots of science experiment that visitors can try and see what happens, how it happens, and why. This is great place to take your kids, though we do not have any kid. Since 1985 when I first visited here, I have not got inside, so unfortunately, I cannot show you pictures of inside "Exploratrium". So, let's continue the drive.

Now the drive route continue to take west. Finally you start to see Pacific Ocean. When I first see this East side of Pacific Ocean, I was really moved, because I used to go visit West end of Pacific in Tokyo. It was great feeling standing the beach of opposite side of Pacific Ocean and watching waves come and go. I remember I started to be excited driving the route and ocean started to appear when my car started coming down the hill.

The Drive Route finally take you to the beach of Pacific Ocean. In the beach, there are families to play kite, walk dog, running with small kids. They are almost identical to what I had seen in the other end of the Ocean. But I was on the other side. It was exciting experience. The picture right was taken in the beach last year. The last picture below is "Cliff House". This "Cliff House" was guest house for the President of US and other famous, important people. Original Cliff House was burned down twice and now it is restaurant and souvenir shop.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw .. it is amazing to think of you across in Tokyo ... while the waves can crash on to the beach in San Francisco ..

The route does look lovely with so many different areas ..

Thanks for sharing another part ..
Hilary Melton-Butcher
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Giovanna Garcia said...

Hi Shaw

The Exploratorium looks fantastic :-)
I really enjoy this online vaction with you all around San Francisco.
Thank you for sharing.
Giovanna Garcia
Imperfect Action is better than No Action

Shaw said...


Yeah, it is amazing thinking about I was on the other side of the great ocean. This 49 miles drive takes you to several places without hussle. That's why I recommend people who likes driving.

Thank you for your comment.
Shaw Funami
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Shaw said...


Thank you for your visiting and thank you for your comment. Exploratorium is definitely the place where you want to take your son when time comes. I like your calling my article to be online vacation.

Thanks again,
Shaw Funami
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