Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trip to Death Valley -3

Lives in the valley or near valley, where is more or less desert, are not so many. There are a small fish living in the water stream wherever it is. There are a rat kind of animal who can survive without drinking water for about 2 years ... Amazing!...

Human Trace. There are some mural discovered in one of the caves in the area. It was determined that the mural was painted in Ice Age. So, it might be painted before the lake is dried and formed Death Valley.

As long as I saw. There was no trace of living creature at all as the left picture shows. Death Valley has some unique records. It is the lowest altitude desert in the world. It located at an altitude of -282 ft sea level. It has smallest precipitation in North America. It is 20mm a year. Also it marked highest temperature in North America, 120 degree F. The day I visited was late November, but we felt it was well over 85.

Below is another picture taken from the bottom to the slope which might have been side of the lake used to be. White dots in the center shows "Sea Level". It is vast desolate place. But, I felt some beauty in it.

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Giovanna Garcia said...

Hi Shaw

I often wonder why they called it "Death Valley"? Is it because it is so hot that nothing live ther? Do you know why?
Giovanna Garcia
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Shaw said...

Thank you for your coming. Thank you for your comment. I will answer to your question with tomorrow's post. Please come back.

Shaw Funami
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Peter Baca said...

Hello Shaw,

Death Valley has impressed us with its attributes. It is hot, dry, sparse, unique and desolate.

What has impressed you about Death Valley?

Best Regards

Pete Baca
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Shaw said...

Hello Pete,

Thank you for your comment. Yes, Death Valley is attractive in many ways. This relates to my article tonight, but I would say "beauty" impressed me most. Beauty of uniformity, beaty of strictness, beauty of non-compromise.

Please come back to see more of my impression in next article.

Thanks again,
Shaw Funami
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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw .. it looks as though it would be really interesting to visit .. I love those kind of scenes ..

I used to see mirages in Southern Africa and they always amazed me ..

Thanks for giving us a few more photos and information ..

Hilary Melton-Butcher
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Shaw said...

Dear Hilary,

It is interesting place to visit. It makes people think what we do not think everyday. I have never seen mirage. I would love to see that.

Thank you for your comment.
Shaw Funami
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Marketing Unscrambled, learn to earn 14 said...

Shaw, thank you for the trip we took today with you into Death Valley. It is a very interesting place, very hot. It is one of those interesting things like the salt flats here in Utah. Nothing like it,the same with Death valley. Thank you for the trip. Enjoyed it. We will come back tomorrow to see more. Have a good day.
Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Shaw said...

Dan and Deanna,

Thank you for your comment. As you say, Death Valley was nothing like anywhere else I visited. I also visied Salt Lake City. The lake was real something I remember. Ogden was the place I drove from Salt Lake City and it was enjoyable trip.

Thank you again.
Shaw Funami
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