Monday, January 5, 2009


How many of you know that "Toyota" started its company as a automatic loom manufacturer.

Did you know that "Kanebo", now the cosmetics company also was a yarn spinning mill factory in textile industry?

GE started as light valve company. IBM was a typewriter company.

Almost forgot that Honda was a motor-bike company whose history manufacturing automobiles are relatively young.

President-elect Barak Obama started his slogan "Change". Change is good for improvement, challenges to achieve higher level of life stage. In addition, change is the absolute necessity to survive like above great companies survived by changing. Insect grows by changing. Frogs and other amphibians change their shapes in growing. Metamorphosis is a part of lives.

I hope the year 2009 is the year for "Change". Good Change, I mean.

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BeSmart said...

Fill the missing link = Change! Hi Shaw .. how right you are .. it will be so important to be flexible this year and to keep adjusting to the changes ahead - an area of opportunity too. Good change - thanks Hilary

Shaw said...

Thank you for your comment, Hilary. Things impression changes as time change, wheather change, your attitude change. Sometimes you do not remember why you were so angry or so sad. We should control them instead of being controlled.

BeSmart said...

Hi Shaw .. as you say we should control our thoughts and actions .. & be kind to all - thanks Hilary

Shaw said...

Hilary, Thanks again for your comment. It is very thoughtful that you mentioned that be kind to all in thinking and taking actions.