Friday, January 30, 2009

Reasons to attract people distract people

It was last night I took part in weekly Skype meeting with my Japanese partners in one part of my business. There are some business issues with them, but in addition, I really did not like taking part in the meeting and skipped several weeks for reasons. I have known them relatively long time, mostly they are friendly. I could not have figured why I have felt not so positive about the meeting for long time.

I finally decided to participate in the meeting. I am not going to go into the details, but I can say the longer the meeting continued, I felt more depressed to the extend that I wanted to get out. But I was lucky to decide to participate, because I could find the reason why I did not like the meeting. Despite the fact that they were talking about "Positive Mindset", "How to improve Skills", and "How to Attract Customers", the words they used were far from "Positive", or almost opposite. For example, one of them said he was unskilled. Another said his skill is insufficient. They used words they are nothing for big customers. Even mentioned himself to be a bug or garbage. One of them used term "Failure" and "Trauma" more than 30 times each in 2 hour meeting.

I did not talk much in the meeting this time. I was thinking about power of words positive or negative. They can greatly affect the people. I wonder if they could say "Improve skills" instead of "Lucking skill"? "Failure" could be "Experience"? "Trauma" could be "Challenge"? Then the entire atmosphere and people's attitude could be different.

Words can influence other people who you are talking with. I would rather be with positive people than negative people in business or private. That was why I did not like the meeting. I was lucky to find that out. Because I will be able to challenge to change them or else.

This morning I could talk with a lady who called me through Skype. I could find and read her blog. In the afternoon a gentleman from same group she and I belong answered back to me in no time to my email question. Today was far better day than yesterday thanks to these friends.

Quite recently I established some business check points which I hope to share with you, today.

- Be Helpful, Thankful, and Committed
- Check everyday:
* Do I have something helpful to offer?
* Do I have value to bring in?
* Am I well motivated?
* Am I well prepared?
* Am I relaxed and comfortable?

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw .. I'm glad you were able to work out the negative aspects of your business group.

As you say exploring new ideas opens up positive aspects of life and we look at the world in a different way & are able to work on our outlook.

Words are important .. praise rather than criticise & I like your business check points - good post

Shaw said...

Dear Hilary, Thank you for your comment. Some business people are really negative. They are trained that way and they believe that is correct. We need to be careful not to be involved in vicious circle. Thank you also for your help.