Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Year 2009

A Happy New Year, my fellow friends.

I stayed up almost all night last night watching news programs in several countries. American News, CNN, Chinese, CCTV, Japanese, NHK, etc... All the news programs were talking about instability and dark side of politics, economics, employment, etc...

Almost there is nobody including myself who does not worry about what will happen in year 2009. However, I have a little bit different view on the Year 2009.

Despite of uncertainty of business in the year 2009, some experienced professionals were expecting there should be bright side. For example, due to the fact that theories in the past do not work any more, some change will inevitably accelerated. International alliance, JV, cooperation will be further speed up in the new way of Business merger and acquisition, Joint effort, Joint Branding. Some have already started. So, there are opportunities in these areas. Also I may not have to point out the fact that major software and internet players in recent 20-30 years were established in bad economy time.

More importantly, I expect there are more opportunities for small or individual business people to succeed, since old, big, and established companies' experience and theories are no longer working well. Even they are planning to change to the right direction, they cannot be as fast as small or individual business people could be.

This is a time for change namely paradigm shift, ladies and gentlemen. Let's plan and take actions for successful year 2009 for all of us.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays.

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Giovanna Garcia said...

Hi Shaw

You are right about it is time to take action! I totally agree with you. If we want to make things better it is up to us!

Happy New Year!
Giovanna Garcia

Shaw said...

Hello Giovanna:

Hope you have a nice new year! Thank you for your comment. We can be successful in bad economy if we set our mind right and keep taking actions, as you pointed out.