Thursday, January 8, 2009

5 Market Elements 2

It took me long time to realize that Business is a course of action helping others. In a way I learned Business ABC, they told me "Business consists of 3 elements. People, Products, Money." And "People" is always the top of these elements or any other factors in business.

Business or selling can be a mechanism or ruled game. But who makes this mechanism moving? Who participate in the game. PEOPLE. In my foregoing article, "5 Market Element", I mentioned that these 3 elements are getting to be 5 in present and updated business management. I used the following illustration.

It was my own illustration. But I was thinking about this illustration since I felt a little uncomfortable in the way it was written. I took my software and wrote a bunch of illustrations.

I finally settled with the following illustration:

The Idea was that People being the center of entire operation managing "Information" and "Brand", therefore create flow of "Products" and "Money".

The difference is "People" is not sitting on the top of 4 other elements, but accessing and utilizing all of them. In my new illustration, "People" is not necessarily the master. But they are the center of all the elements.

Instead of "People" are equally positioned in legacy 3 elements model, in the new model, "People" is the center and access all other elements.

I have an opinion that in the change era, "People" element increases its value and importance.

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Jerry Braack said...

Hi Funami... I like your analogy. To be truly successful, people must be the center of ones focus. I look forward to reading more of your insights, Jerry

Shaw said...

Thanks, Jerry for your comment. I changed 2nd illustration. You are right about the people must be the center of the focus. Keep in touch!

BeSmart said...

Hi Shaw .. I too liked your analogy of putting a person in the middle of their universe of life .. it is up to us; & your 5 market elements express it succinctly - have a happy day -Hilary

Shaw said...

Hello Hilary,

Thank you for your comment. You are right the people should be center of all activities. We sometimes forget that point and put system before people. I am having difficulty to access to your blog. Could you give me full URL of your blog, so that I will be able to read and comment yours? Thank you!

BeSmart said...

Hi Shaw ..thanks for your comment ..I don't have a blog at present .. I hope to be up and running next week ... & I'll ask Gio to send out the details .. have a good Saturday .. Hilary

Shaw said...

Hilary, Thank you for your reply. I understood. Please let me know when you are ready. Gio is very helpful on our activities. You will love it. Please also let me know if I have anything which can help you. Have a nice weekend. Oh, I am preparing new article today which will be published in my all 3 blogs, this one, 2 x Japanese. See you there!