Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fill the Missing Link - Website M&A -

One of my business lines is "Website M&A". Please also refer to my company website, "", Section of "Web-based Business".

Typical example of this M&A, Merger and Acquisition, is Google bought out YouTube. Google wanted Video Site business and bought out YouTube. YouTube became a part of Google and Google acquired YouTube's members, patrons, and largest Video uploading site in the world.

M&A is conducted for many different reasons, such as shutting up competitions, white knight (save) troubled companies, acquire technology overnight, etc... But, for me it is a perfect example of "Fill the Missing Link". If you are good at manufacturing and I am good at selling, if we merge together and partner in a business is very good matching.

My Japanese Partner and I are now working on 5 projects. One in Europe, 2 in China, and the other 2 are India projects.

I would love to have a US project.

If you are interested in buying, selling, partnering, JV, funding your existing business or future business, or you know someone who is interested in those, please let me know. My partner and I will find the best partner for you.

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Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link

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BeSmart said...

Hi Shaw - sounds like an interesting goal & I hope you find an US partner soon

Shaw said...


Thank you for your comment as always. I started to talk with potential client in US, today. Interesting thing is that if we really want and take actions, we will get the result. At least get close to it.