Monday, January 12, 2009

What is anxiety?

In many different cultures and histories, warriors and knights closely related to religious people. In Europe, China, India, Japan, etc... whenever or wherever strong heroes or leaders were, there were spiritual mentors, who are mostly religious people.

15th century in Japan was totally political chaos. There are so many local lords tried to become the king of Japan. There were wars, fights, plots, betrayals for more than 100 years. There was a local lord who once was brave and fearless. One day he found himself fearful to fight. He could no long maintain stability of his mind. He went to the Buddhism Priest who was a mentor for him.

"My teacher, I am having anxiety attacks. I am fearful and I can no longer fight. Do you know any way how you can get rid of my anxiety?" The lord asked. Then the priest said to him.
"My son, I definitely can get rid of your anxiety. First I want to take a look at it. Please take your anxiety out here and show me."
The lord frowned. "Sir, the anxiety is the status of mind which cannot be seen, cannot be taken out, cannot be shown."
"That's right, my boy. Your anxiety is just in your mind. It was what your own mind created. Are you afraid of your own mind?"

The lord understood his teachers point. He could recover and manage his own anxiety from then on.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Thanks Shaw .. I shall remember that lovely story and use it when I talk to people with worries .. & see if they can take the positive on board, rather than their own created anxieties - good post - thanks Hilary

Shaw said...

Thank you for your comment. All negatives and positives are between our ears. We can create Monster. We can create Angels. Talk with you later. Shaw