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Japanese American and I -2

When I decided to keep staying in US and declared so in 2001, there are a lot of problems and frictions in my family. I remember some family members accused me yelling at me "You are abandoning your own mother country and family". I can imagine for the people immigrated to overseas must have had same kind of experience. But, they decided to emigrate based on government policy, this kind of blame may be out of mark.

Japanese Government, despite the promoting this policy, was very irresponsible it seems. In 1980's when Japanese enterprises are building their factories and offices in foreign countries including US, did not hire Japanese Overseas much, in spite of Japanese Overseas People's strong hope, desire, and expectation.

Japanese Americans in WWII time needed to prove themselves to be Americans, needed to give up their original language and expose themselves to fierce European battle field. My wife is a Chinese American born in China. Comparing Chinese Community and Japanese Community in US, I see a clear difference. For example, Japan Town, San Francisco, is a historical monument. No Japanese American Living can be felt. Chinatown, instead, has a lot of living activities. 2nd Floor of Souvenir Shops is their living space, I can hear babies crying, husband and wife are shouting something. After more than 60 years since end of World War II, the War is still affecting peoples lives all over the world.

There were time when Japanese Companies hiring Japanese Overseas inviting them from Brazil, etc... Because younger generations population is decreasing in Japan, it is only way to expand their business in Japan. The situation changed last year. Due to the bad economy today. They are now firing them, according to Japanese TV News Program. I cannot help talking to myself what a country. What a companies. So selfish.

I am starting to believe that now is the time that Japanese Overseas - Japanese should strengthen their ties and try to cooperate, coordinate, help each other, so that no external environment including government, countries, companies can hurt us any more.

Japanese-Japanese people should learn more about Japanese Americans, Japanese Brazilians, Japanese Overseas. The followings are the same site and blog I showed in part-1, but for Japanese people to learn about Japanese Americans, these are very good sites:

Also, there are Japanese site introducing the history of Japanese Americans, for your reference:

I also hope that this article and information will help world people to understand Japanese and our history a little more than knowing Japanese as "Economic Animal", "Japan as #1" or "WWII enemy", or "Quality Products", or "Toyota", or "Sony" (LOL).

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Giovanna Garcia said...

Hi Shaw

Great post! I have always found the Japanese culture very interesting. And you have been teaching us a lot about that on your blog.

When I decided to live as an American (meaning I lived in a regular American city with an American family) years ago my family said I was abandoning my culture as well. Today, my family was thankful that I did do that, because they can come to me with all the American culture questions and I can help them.

Thank You

Giovanna Garcia

Shaw said...

Dear Giovanna,

Thank you for your comment. Your comment on your family reminded me my old mentor said once to me that People are same. In cross culture, admire the same, enjoy the difference. I feel that way, instead of complaining some else do that don't do that, etc... Thank you, again.

BeSmart said...

Hi Shaw .. I agree - we should all try and understand other cultures and understand each other and the way we all work - a life long project and a good one! Thanks for your views - Hilary