Saturday, November 22, 2008

Faith and Comfort

I have been talking about "Fill the Missing Link". The largest Missing Link is "the GAP between *Conscious YOU* and *Your Subconscious Mind*". I am not a doctor, nor psychotherapist, but it seems to be a serious mental problem if your consciousness and subconsciousness carry a large gap.

In selecting and conducting your own business, if you are not comfortable about your business, you cannot be faithful to the business. If you are not faithful to your business, you can never be able to be successful. I do not have to be rocket scientist to understand this.

You cannot be skeptical to your own business to be successful. You hope to make money. But do you want to do things which you hate to make money? This will create a missing link between your consciousness and subconsciousness. Be careful. Here is a trick from tons of advertisement and advises in the market place. I do carry a business. But if you do not like my business, I do not push you to carry my business. It will make you unhappy and mentally unstable.

There are ways to Fill the Missing Link, in this case. You can build your understanding, confidence, and faith to your business. If you conclude that you cannot do. I will suggest you to find something else.

Do you have a faith and comfort to your business? Discussing your problem with innocent third party can be good hellp. It is not filling the missing link, yet. But it will be the significant first step. If you discuss it with me, please do so. Feel free to contact.

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