Thursday, November 20, 2008

How did I end up in San Francisco - 2

I started to develop a dream. Dream to be fit myself to be out of Japanese culture, land, definition, way of thinking. I started to study English harder than ever. I studied everything what I could bring myself to be out of Japan. I was a boy in colledge age. So, I was seriously thinking about studying abroad.

I wanted to to go to New York. I had no reason. Maybe I was driven subconciously from the American movies and TV Programs which I used to enjoy as a young boy. I was so damn serious. I could get high score in TOEFL and ready to apply for American University.

Then, my father got sick. My mother asked me to stop my plan of studying abroad and simply finish Japanese University. She wanted me to start working as soon as possible. I needed to give up studying in the US. I could not leave sick father and lonely mother behind.

That could have been the end of my dream and stop studying English. But, I did not do that. I do not know why I did that and who I could that, but I studied Academic Debate. I got a job in Japanese electronics company and assigned to International Operation. My mother still remembers around that time I kept saying that I use company money to study and work abroad. That might be better. I did not give up.

In 1985, I was sent to New York as a participants to International Business Training Program. I enjoyed New York one year. I kept working for 15 more years in the same company until I met my real change and challenge.

What happened?

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Giovanna Garcia said...

Wow, Thank You for sharing your story. I waited to finish the part 2. Before commenting. I am so glad you didn't give up. And because you didn't give up your dream, the opportunity came to you. The company!
You are a inspiration to many.

P.S. Thanks for the call out :-)
Giovanna Garcia

Shaw said...

Thank you for your comment, Giovanna! Sometimes looking back and think the way I came helps me to decide next action. In this sence, bloggin is very good way of sorting and putting away past events. Good or bad. Bad that time, but it may be good experience or memory now.