Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How did I end up in San Francisco - 1

This morning, I was RSS reading one of my favorite blogs. My good friend and Mentor, Advisor Giovanna Gracia was putting up her history. For the people who are interested in her blog, here is the link:

Her article inspired me and flashed back all my memories how I ended up in San Francisco.

Before elementary school days, I was a very sick boy and could not participate in all other boys playing. Still I am not so good at baseballs, footballs, basket balls, etc... Because I mostly sick when boys start to learn these ball games.

In high school days, as a pendram effect from inactive early years, I became active on learning something other boys do not usually do. I signed up martial arts schools and joined Kendo (Japanese Style Steel Art). So, my high-school days were spent for Japanese-like stuff. The age was 60s and 70s, so I enjoyed a lot of American TV Programs which dominated Japanese TV Channels, such as "Superman, Spiderman, Time Tunnel, Mission Impossible, Twilight Zone", and so forth.

As growing up, I started to question about Japanese Style Way of Thinking. Please do not misunderstand me. There are a lot of good values on Japanese way of thinking, deciplines, cultures, virtue, history. I know that. But, I did not like Japanese tendency to live with a presumption or mind-set. I call Japanese way of thinking tendency is "should" culture, instead of "can" culture. They tend to think "You are 25 years old. So, You should be working for a company full time." Instead, I wanted to think and tended to think like "I am (still) 50. So, I can go independent and be successful."

I started not to be able to fit myself in Japanese society and organizations. I started to build my own dream. I wanted to achieve the dream. I did not want my dream dies down. What did I do?

I do not want my article too long. So, I wirte again about this. Please keep watching.

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