Friday, November 21, 2008

How did I end up in San Francisco - 3

I could use my company and my company money to experience NY and US. But, I needed to wait for another opportunity to bring me back to US. In 1996, my previous employer decided to send me to San Francisco for business development of Multimedia type of business. Business was not easy, but I was enjoying the assignment.

3 years later, end of 2000, my company decided to send me back to Japan. I did not feel like going back to Japan. I asked my boss if there is ANY way to stay in US. He said I have no other choice. I was cornered and thought that my company can ask anything to me, an employee, but the choice should not be theres, but be mine.

I told to my management that time that I did not want to go back to Japan. I was thinking to be independent, but I have not done anything, yet. So, it caught me totally unprepared. I ended up doing several major things together at the same time. I needed to sponsor myself for staying status in US. I needed to look for another job. I needed to be prepared to divorce ex-wife who did not join in San Francisco. I did not have time to think them over. I kept taking actions. I kept "Fill the Missing Link", keep taking even "Imperfect Actions".

Now that almost everything is over, I am now Green Card Base, owning my own humble business, and family who I could rebuild with my wife's support. Looking back, I feel it was crazy. I could have ended up back in Japan working full time under bad condition. It was crazy, no doubt. But this experience gave me important lessons:

1. Power of Dream - if you do not give up on your dream, it will continue to be yours. It will be given to you.
2. Taking Actions - You cannot just sit and day dream something good will come. It will not, guaranteed. You need to take actions to achieve your dream. Interestingly, actions do not have to be perfect or accurate. You will make a lot of mistakes, but still can achieve if you keep taking actions.
3. Fill the Missing Link - You take actions, make mistakes, did not get a result you like. You can think what was missing and what can Fill the Missing Link. Next action will be closer to be perfect and accurate.

Now my next dream is to be successful and grow my company to be major.

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