Thursday, November 13, 2008

Promoted! But,.......

You got promoted to be a section manager in your company. You are proud of your self. Of course! Now you have your own office overlooking San Francisco Bay, your own secretary, and 3 account executives reporting to you.

You also got 3 more accounts who are producing $1 million a month. You thought you may be General Manager soon. Somebody calls your cellphone one afternoon. It was one of your 3 new accounts calling. He told you that they lost a project and all they bought are bad inventory now!!! He wanted your company to restock products worth $3 million.

You did not run into this situation if you were not promoted. In China and Japan, they call it to be "Uncle Sai's Horse". Uncle Sai worked hard saving money and he bought the horse he dreamed of. One day Uncle Sai was riding this horse and fell off from the horse. He broke his leg and could not walk like before any more. This story is not happy till this end. But, it is not all, yet.

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