Monday, November 24, 2008

My Japanese Blogs

It was this morning when I thought maybe introduce my Japanese blog sites to my readers of this blog. I have 2 Japanese blogs, mostly write about San Francisco information.

Here are the links:

Some of my bilingual blogger friends write their articles in both English and Japanese. One article has both languages. Unfortunately I cannot do that. I tried to do as they do, soon I do not post new articles. I do not know why, but to me Japanese blogs are different from English. Different article, different language, different audience. However, some of my readers may be interested in learning that I do have Japanese blog sites. Please do not expect identical articles. Occasionally I post similar articles. But they are not translations of a particular article.

In this case of this article, I will post Japanese version and introduce my English blog. But, the contents cannot be the same, right?

For the people thinking about starting your own blog, please do. It is lots of fun. What I like best about blogging is that I can find new friends.

The picture posted here is the one I used in my Japanese blog. I write sightseeing in Sacrament, the town of "Old Sacramento" with good old America.

Check my websites to find out what I am doing:

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