Friday, November 14, 2008

What is Happy Ending?

I think everybody liked "Prince and Princess Stories" when we were small kids. Soon I started to think what happened to those heros and heroins after the stories over.

If it is a story, you do not have to think about after the ending of the story. But, story never ends for us.

The office worker's story in previous 2 articles were what happened to me. Or based on my own experience to say the least. I could manage to take care of the bad inventories, but still needed to go. However, I believe "Uncle Sai's Horse" story. This story goes:

"Uncle Sai worked hard saving money and he bought the horse he dreamed of. One day Uncle Sai was riding this horse and fell down from the horse. He broke his leg and could not walk like before any more. He was unhappy for a while. One day a war broke out neighbor country attacked his country. All healthy young people needed to go to the war and many died and heavily injured. Uncle Sai because of his handicap, he did not have to go to the war. He could spend the rest of his life with his family."

Now the question is "What is Happy Ending". Truth is there is no ending. The other truth is you can make it bad or make it good. I believe that good things continue to happen to the people who are happy. I am thankful to my family, especially to my wife who supports me for rainy days. I am happy to find what I am doing right now.

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giovanna garcia said...

Hi Shaw

We a story that is a lot alike in Chinese :-)

You are right about the Happy ending is not an ending! It is a happy begining of something New!!

Thanks for your story, I enjoy reading them :-)

Giovanna Garcia