Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Muramasa and Masamune

Once upon a time in Japan, there were 2 students of a famous swordsmith. One named "Masamune". The other was "Muramasa". They both built very good Japanese Swords. Yet, their approaches were different. "Masamune" designed and built a swords which can conquer, but not kill. "Muramasa" wanted his swords to be sharp to cut anything kill anybody.

Early age, "Muramasa" swords were famous and popular rumored that his swords can cut even another swords or armor and kill anybody.

One day, a general, the master of Japanese Martial Art, visited them. The general wanted to try swords from both students. He held "Muramasa" sword first cutting edge up. His soldier dropped a paper on the cutting edge. The paper even was not appeared to touch the sword, cut in half and fell. Then the general tried "Masamune" sword same way. The paper stayed on the cutting edge of "Masamune" sword. The general told the sword "cut" silently, breathing lightly without moving any part of his body. The paper was cut and fell on the floor in 2 pieces.

The general selected "Masamune" swords to be equipped with his army including his master Shogun. Later the general's master, the shogun unified Japan. "Muramasa" swords were equipped with his enemy. The King was killed and his kingdom was perished.

This general's sword, "Masamune" was kept as his king's treasure, kept in a good shape, still exisiting as a national treasure of Japanese history. "Muramasa", instead, upon perish of his owner family, disappered and could not be kept.  (There are some kept alledged to be "Muramasa", but it was not proven.)

If you were the general, which sword you selected. Which sword did you recommend to your master?

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