Friday, November 28, 2008

State Quarters

The below picture is the on taken in our living room. It is the State Quarter collection board on our wall in the living room close to our kitchen. This may be for elementary school kid. But it has special meaning to me.

It was Year 2000 when US Government started issuing State Quarters. That was the year when I was ordered to go back to Japan and decided to spin out from our previous employment.

This board was sent from somebody as a kind of promotion. We started to select state coins. That time, I looked at the board and wondered who we spend coming 8 years. Would I be here? Would we be together? Those questions used to bother me, discourage me, and annoyed me. When down, I used to tell myself that I will be here, I will collect all the state quarters, completing the board.

Now the board is almost full. It will be full when we get Hawaii quarter. Remembering those days, even when I worry, feel flue, or feel small in business or anything. Those fears are far smaller than the fear I was feeling I was fighting that time staring at this quarter board.

Do you have something which encourage you?

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