Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Promotion or Demotion?

Here is another example of what your mind will do to you. You are an office worker. (I was an office worker myself for long time.) You like your job and enjoy it other than your boss gives you too much work. You are busy. You are working like at least 10 hours a day.

One evening, you are putting your stuff away and ready to go home. Your boss calls you. It does not seem to be a good sign. You went into your boss's office. He tells you to give you more cliant accounts.

You think yourself that you may have been maxed out. But, you say that you will try to manage new accounts. Your boss is happy. You needed to work 12 hours a day after that and could successfully manage your new accounts in addition to your old accounts.

Your boss is happier and one day he tells you that you are now section manager. You got promotion! That evening you had dinner with your colleague and your colleague told you that he was offered those accounts and he declined because he was too busy. Your colleague stayed to be an assistant level.

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Giovanna Garcia said...

Dear Shaw

Your story is so real! That is happening to my Brother as we speak! Everything he get a promotion, his quality of life gets demoted. By brother work so hard to get more promotion so he can have money to start a family with his girlfriend. However, every time he get a promotion; him and his relationship with his girlfriend gets demoted.
I will show your blog to my brother :-)

Giovanna Garcia

Shaw said...

Thank you Giovanna for your comment. You may want to read today's article if you feel in the way you commented. Say hi to your brother!