Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My God! My car is broken!

One morning, you woke up and walk to your garage to go to work. You started your car and your car's engine did not sound right. You stop the engine and got out to check.

You found oil is leaking!

How do you react if this happened to you?

Do you go panic? And you go like "Oh my God, it is 8:00am on Monday morning. I will be late for staff meeting! Damn car! What an unlucky day!"

Or you think "Thank God, I found this now! If I did not recognize this now and drove, what could have happened to me in the highway."

You have seen my point already. Depending on your mental condition, you can reach to 2 different conclusions and reactions. They are 180 degree opposite. Can you believe that? It is imparative that in panicy mental condition that you will waste your time, could not take proper actions to repair your car and late for your meeting. Everything continue to be bad.

Instead, if you take positive reaction to the happening, you can call your office, go to repair shop in no time, fix your car, and chances are you may make your meeting. You find everything is Okay and under your control. You feel even lucky to find the oil leak before major thing happens.

I am seeing "ripple effect" or "chain reaction" to this kind of occurance. If your mind tells you that it is bad. Things tend to spin around bad as described.

On the other hand, if you take positive reaction to the problem and continue to feel lucky, you can quickly fix the problem and turn around things better.

There is a magic on people's mind. This is simple example of the importance of positive thinking. "Every cloud has silver lining." Right?

Are you asking which would be most likely my reaction? I would go panic. No one is perfect, right? But I still try to cultivate my positive reaction.

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