Friday, February 20, 2009

About China -2

One of the theme of this blog is "Cross Cultural Exchange". That's why I name it "Tokyo - Beijing - San Francisco" in addition to "Fill the Missing Link". These 2 are closely connected, I guess. To be internationalized and having global view, people need to "Fill the Missing Link" between cross cultural differences. I enjoy visiting different countries and meeting people there. Some times the difference surprise me. But it is always pleasant surprise.

In digging old picture album of my wife and myself, I dug out some more interesting pictures taken in China. I wanted to share with you here today.

In Tien An Men Square, Beijing. - Left - It is just a part of it.

Qin Dynasty Palace. Stunning Size Imperial Place. Only the place I know in Japan similar to this vast size is Shrine or Temple. Towers are built in line with Sun Beam so that in the morning sunlight will reach directly to Emperor's Bed Room.

Amazing Monument.

Imperial Palace Wall with Emperor Clan's Emblem.

Despite of its long history of 3000 years, one dynasty's life span in China is not so long, interestingly. However, the last imperial dynasty, Qin Dynasty turned out to be one of the longest life span with more than 300 years of ruling.

Beijing Corner of City. Close to Wang Fu Qin Square. Shaw Funami playing Majang with Chinese Statues. - Left Below - In Beijing or any other part of China, you will find this kind of funny statues which you can take picture with. It looks like Chinese people like humors. In this square, there are lots of outdoor and indoor restaurants selling Chinese Foods. Strangest foods I have ever found and tasted was "Scorpion BBQ". The taste was not so bad. It tasted like shrimp or river crab. Unfortunately, there was no picture of "Scorpion BBQ".

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Giovanna Garcia said...

Hi Shaw
That is very cool that you got the chances to visit China. Someday I wish to visit there myself. I wish to see The Great Wall of China and Wang Fu Qin Square.
Thanks for sharing your photos from your trip. I enjoyed looking at them.

Giovanna Garcia
Imperfect Action is better than No Action

Shaw said...

Hello Giovanna, Thank you for your comment. The Great wall was something you should visit. Wang Fu Qin is fun place to be day and night. I hope you also enjoy your visit.

Thanks, again.

Shaw Funami