Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Y2K for me -4

My relationship with my ex-wife was not bad earlier days. Loving and caring relationship was there for both of us. She was looking forward to come to US with me. It was I who became too busy to pursue business and travelled around the world almost having no time home. I do not intend to particularly leave all the responsibility to her. Whenever things happen, the causes of these occurrences are not simple but complex. But, some day for both of us, we started not to imagine our lives together. I did not mean to use my marriage for my climbing up ladder of promotion, but that happened. Love becomes no emotion one day. It happens. But, the memories were there and they still hurt.

Even there was no time for sentimental feeling. I needed to continue to talk with my lawyer, go to local court of arbitration. Since it appeared to take longer than I thought, I started to work in Internet Security Company as Deputy CEO. I could make some money to pay rent for the apartment my girl friend is waiting for me, but I could not agree with my boss, owner of the company with regard to license issue with Internet Security Software. I worked there for about half a year and ended up resigning again.

Divorce settlement was not moving ahead. My ex-wife knew that I needed to settle fast. She took her time and irritated me. It took me for one year for settlement with my payment obligation. The emotion once called love becomes money matter. Sometimes I suffer from complicated feeling from the experience. But what happened was happened. I am not that naive to abandon all the hopes on human beings and keep hiding behind the closed door for the rest of my life.

After I resigned the Internet Security Company, I thought myself that it was stupid to be hired by other company, and thought I should be prepared for doing my own. Though I did not have clear cut picture what I will do, I prepared to form my own consultation company. That is my company, zhen international, inc. "zi". I could name the company funami trading and co or something, but my name did not sit well no matter how hard I thought. I called my then girl friend and got permission to use her name for my company. My present wife, then girl friend's name is "Zhen".

Being employed in a Japanese company, the most important issue is not to make fatal mistake. If you do not have major accomplishment, if you do not make fatal mistake, you survive. This mental practice influenced me a lot. It took me long time to correct it to be entrepreneur mentality to try anything I believe and continue.

Divorce settlement is over. I returned to San Francisco, married to my girl friend, applied for Green Card. The process of obtaining Green Card was also something. But, here I concentrate on business issues. I started to go back and forth between US and Japan trying to start business. It was not easy. I was invited to be board for a company which is not even filed By-law and Article of Incorporation, yet. I paid my portion of investment and wait for my portion of stock sent. Nothing came...

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Hilary said...

Hi Shaw .. you have been through some incredibly difficult times yet you remain a wonderful person, whom I have met .. so America is lucky to have you.

It's interesting to hear that you named your company Zhen after your girlfriend .. that I hadn't realised!

Life is tough .. but you are tough & you are successful & an expert .. you will succeed .. think today .. not yesterday ..

Thanks for sharing .. Hilary

Shaw said...

Hello Hilary ___ Thank you for your comment. You are so sweet commenting me like that. You made my day. It was hard. But I learned a lot from it. ___

Giovanna Garcia said...

Hi Shaw

Thanks for sharing your story. Divorce is never pretty, I am sorry that you had to go through that, but I am sure you are much happy having done that.
Naming your company after your wife is beautiful.
Thanks for the post.
Giovanna Garcia
Imperfect Action is better than No Action

Shaw said...

Hi Giovanna,

Thank you for your comment. Waking up in the real world was change and challenge for me. I could continue to struggle to make it better. Without knowing, it got better as it goes. I am scared thinking what if I did nothing.