Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Japan in San Francisco, Bay Area

US, being an immigrants country, it is not so difficult to find any ethnicity. Japan is not an exception. I already wrote about Japan Town, but even without visiting Japan Town, San Francisco, which is about 30 minutes drive from where I live, there are Japan anywhere even in San Mateo county, where we live.

5 minutes drive from our home toward South on El Camino Real, which runs across California as historic drive, there is a Authentic Japanese Garden, in Central Park San Mateo.

- Left Japanese Garden Gate -

The person who designed, built, and maintained is my friend, Sam. Sam came to US, when he was 10 years old. After he changed his job several times, he was hired as a worker in San Mateo County. Until he retired last year, he was the main figure who took care of the Japanese Garden. In winter he took out all the carps from pound and changed water. In spring, he took care of flowers and sharp wood branch tips so that children who play there were not hurt.

- Below Inside of Japanese Garden-
Still now after his official retirement, he goes to his garden and make sure everything is OK. This garden was well maintained all because of his continuous care and effort.

Of course, Japan Town is the best place for me to enjoy Japanese staff. It is now artificial sightseeing spot without actual living feeling of Japanese people, still can enjoy Japanese things. I can rent Japanese movies, my wife can buy cute cell phone straps, and both of us can enjoy Japanese food after the shopping.

-Japanese Decoration in Hotel Kabuki-
This picture is taken in Hotel Kabuki in Japan Town. If shown in Tokyo, I would not pay attention, but I admire them because I know it is the middle of San Francisco, one of main cities in US.

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