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Song Zi, Ultimate Strategist

Precisely, Song Zi (Japanese "Son-Shi) is not a name of person. It is a name of book. That is the textbook of art of War. It is said that this book was written around BC500. Author is considered to be existing strategist "Song Wu" or "Song Ping".

"Song Wu" was a commander who formed King's back palace army (Secret Service for the king) and taught importance of decipline. "Song Ping" was a general in ancient China whose legs cut off from lost war by enemy country. Legend says that he still fight and could lead his country to victory at the end.

"Song Zi" has several meanings in war history. There are several important advices with regard to the war. Before this book came out, win and lose in the war was considered to be God will. That was why warriors pray for God so anxiously before war. "Song Zi" is the first book of war which tells people there are reasons to win or lose war. It has been telling lots of kings, generals, and worriers how to win the war and "Do's and Dont's" in war. The first book in human history on art of war and science of war. World famous strategy and political elements "Ten, Chi, Jin" -Heaven's Time, Location Advantage, People's Harmony- are the one which appears in this book.

2nd point is the fact that "Song Zi" is talking about meaning of war. As a book of strategy, unfortunately it does not deny war. But it goes "War affects not only army, government of a country, but also people, food production, national wealth. Therefore, the decision maker should not easily exercises this option."

"Song Zi" was The Textbook for famous generals in the history. It is said that Napoleon Buonaparte read it and used its strategies in many battles. Maybe the last person in modern history used strategy of "Song Zi" was Mao Zhedong in China. He used "Song Zi" strategy not to be defeated by Japanese Army and win the battles against National Army lead by Jing Jie Shi.

This book categorizes many strategies in terms of location, number of soldiers, training, timing of attack, etc ... a ll consists of science of war.

I am not writing this article to tell you how great "Song Zi" was as a strategist, but I wanted to introduce you the ultimate strategy it teaches to the people 2500 years ago. It says as final and ultimate strategy, after his 35 Chapters detailed strategies, as 36th Capter, is not to fight but run away from your enemy to avoid it.

I hope one day there is no war at all on earth.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw - it's amazing that a book written so long is still in existence - & held strategies that apparently were still used 200 years ago.

However I agree with you - no more war, learn to become friends and respect each others' opinions ..

Thanks for the bit of history


Shaw said...

Hilary_ Thank you for your comment. Let's pray together so that no more sacrifice by war in the world.

Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link