Sunday, February 1, 2009

Y2k for me -1

Thinking back, the year 2000 was significant turning point for me. Now is February 2008, sitting in front of my iMac home, I sometimes wonder I am still in the chaos of the Y2K, just day dreaming hopeful future. Actually, I still sometimes dream, nightmare scary situation I was in at that time.

Now I can say that it was "Significant Turning Point". But it was chaos, consecutive happening of imaginably worst scenarios, and continuous actions to face, address, and try solve or dodge all these popping up problems in my life. I believe that, if I did a single right thing, it was continuous, non-stop taking actions. But, quite honestly, at that time, I did not have either time or peace of mind to judge if it was continuous or discontinuous, right or wrong, correct or incorrect, perfect or imperfect. I was too busy facing my problems, addressing them, and continuously taking actions to avoid or get rid of them.

It all started at one phone call from Tokyo. It was my Boss, asking (ordering?) me to come back to Tokyo for new assignment there. I was not ready. I planned to get myself legal way to keep staying in US with or without company support. But I was not quite ready, yet. My visa was expiring since the assignment is over and my position is gone.

For the first time in my life, maybe, I needed to make my own decision for myself. I decided not to take this order to bring myself back to Japan. Honestly, again, I was not sure if I made the right decision. Anyway, the dice was cast. So I started to act in order to find how I can keep staying without support from my employer.

I need to divide this story to several articles explaining how I, a foreign born individual, with problems of visa expiring, losing job and position, divorcing, at the same time, could survive the Y2K and keep staying in US.

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Hilary said...

Hi Shaw .. I look forward to hearing the rest of the story.

It takes a brave man to do what you did ..

I congratulate you & you've succeeded .. as you're still here

Looking forward to part 2 .. Hilary

Shaw said...

Thanks, Hilary. Yes, I believe that only the fact I am still here can be one little success I was awardeed. It was mile stone and I move ahead more. This experience taught me that. Please keep coming. More is to come.