Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Y2K for me -3

I remember it was 1999 when the movie Matrix was in the theater. I found that movie in the year 2000. I watched the movie over and over again. I could not help thinking that this movie was telling me something. Something which telling me that I should have waken up from day dreaming situation. I did not recognize how much this movie affected me for my decision. I could have obeyed my company's order and go back to Japan, continuing to be paid if I did not come across this movie.

Somehow in very deep part of my subconsciousness, the voice kept talking to me that obeying my company's order is not right. So, finally I decided to tell my boss that I did not want to go back to Japan. I thought that they might have assigned me for some position in US. I might have taken it even with some demotion. But, my company told me that they will terminate me in 3 months. It was time frame the company gave to me after 20+ years hard working.

Being jobless, I told my ex-wife that I would not be able to continue our marriage, especially she was living in the apartment in Tokyo I was paying even during my assignment in San Francisco. I also told her that I did not hope to continue marriage which existing just in formality and document. She requested compensation for divorce. I told her that it was her who did not come to US. But the case was still brought to arbitration in Japan. I thought too easy, maybe. My ex-wife had not been living with me for more than 3 years that time. So, divorce could be a matter of course to me, but was not.

I got stuck. Because I needed to be in US for stay status change application. But there are arbitration in Japan. I could not be both in US and Japan at the same time. My lawyer advised me that I will go out of US to Japan once and come back to US for application of visa status change. I was not sure I could do that. But there is anything else I could do. I went back to Japan for arbitration of divorce.

By this time, my present wife, then girl friend offered me to marry so that I could easily apply for the Green Card easier. But to legally marry my girl friend, I needed to divorce first. I had catch 22 in my private life, too.

I will be quite honest with you. There are some times I regretted the decision I made. I thought I should have obeyed my company order. It looked too tough to quit a job, divorce, and secure the stay status at the same time. Still, the voice kept talking to my ears that I must have waken up in the reality. You cannot stay in Matrix forever...

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