Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Seeking for Definition of "Gi", Ultimate Righteousness

I thought that, today, I am writing about one local lord in 16th Century in Japan who believed in “Gi” for strategy, faith, living, decision making, etc… I caught up obsession on thinking about meaning of “Gi” in Japanese. I thought I did not explain enough in my last article. So, please allow me to spend one more article talking about this Japanese word “Gi”. -Image Left-

This word “Gi”, carrying a meaning of a little more and broader definition or nuance of English words, “Justice” or “Righteousness”, is used in many ways in Japanese Language.

“Gi-Ri” -Image Right- means “Social Obligation or Duty”, “Socially requested action or reaction which one is supposed to take as a matter of course”. “Gi” is often positioned to be in the opposite side of human emotion or love. This is one of the cause that puzzles non-Japanese people since this both edge sword concept of “Gi-Ri” and human emotion “Nin-Jo” makes Japanese looks like carrying 2 sided personality or emotion.

“Jin-Gi” -Image Left- can mean a whole lot of thing in Japanese. Generally, it means “Universal Unchangeable Righteousness or Justice” at the same time “Being Reasonable, Courteous, and Gentle”.

“Gi-Shi” -Image Left Bottom- is “A Person with Ambition”. It does not apply to the people whose ambition is self-centered, even their dream is big. It refers to the people whose dream is sacrificing themselves to help or rescue people, society, government, nation, etc...

I hope this article helps you to understand meaning of “Gi” better. I hope I did not just confuse you.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw .. first is there a difference between the three Gi images (Gi, Gi-Ri and Gi-Shi) .. they look the same to me!?

2ndly .. what's the symbol to the right of the "Jin-Gi" paragrahp?

So I know that Japanese is difficult to learn!!

It's interesting though ... thank you - Hilary: Be Positive Be Happy

Shaw said...

Hilary, Thank you for your visiting and comment. Yes, they are different. Different in shape and different in meanings. I hope you got the meaning of "Gi" is almost ultimate righteousness or justice. I try to explain in the following articles so that you can grasp more clearly. Right Symbol of "Jin-Gi" is "Gi-Ri". Thanks again for your comment.

Anonymous said...

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