Monday, February 23, 2009

My Japanese Article is up in Largest Internet Provider Site in Japan

It was October last year when my wife and I did the Cruise Trip to Mexican Riviera. I wrote about it November and submitted to this Internet Provider "Nifty" in Japan. Now in February and it was finally adopted and uploaded last week.

Japanese always believe that Cruise Trip is a kind of luxury and ordinary people will not afford to it. But they travel to all the corner of the world. And if they afford to it, Cruise is not really too expensive alternative for them. Time may be another factor. If it is a Cruise for 15 days to one month, busy working people will not be able to take it. Still there are some Cruise 7 to 10 days like the one we took.

My article is talking all about beginning to end, options, enjoyment, and cost. I wanted Japanese people to know that this is one of their options for their trip, not unreachable luxury.

I will later translate the Article and post it in this Blog. But, right now, it is all in Japanese. For the people who is still interested in accessing, the following is the Link:

The following image is one of the pictures used in the article and it is the one for cover page.

The article up this time is Part - I. The Part - II is coming and I will let you know as soon as it is uploaded.

Below is my wife feeding a Dorphine.
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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw .. that was fun .. a Japanese article & I couldn't read a word!! The cruise ship looks great and you obviously had fun ..

Lovely seeing your wife feeding the dorphine ..

well done -
Hilary: Be Positive Be Happy

Shaw said...

Hilary, Thank you for your coment. I will upload English version some time soon. I promiss.

Thanks, again.
Shaw Funami