Thursday, February 5, 2009

Y2K for me -5

It was not just one time I got cheated. After the US partnership fraud, I tried to establish Hand Made PC Company with ex-Computer Company entrepreneur in Tokyo. He and I worked together to merge my "zi" with his company. I offered one room available in my mother house. I found that he does not work. He did not build PC's based on the orders I got after several visiting to my local friend companies in Tokyo. 2 weeks after committed delivery date, he finally build 6 PC's and I personally delivered to my customer. Next morning, this customer called me and telling me that those PC's were failing. I thought that was it. I asked him to dissolve the partnership and get out of my mother house.

I tried some MLM's, too. Juices and Cosmetics did not give me comfortable sales feeling. I was never been able to be confident selling them. My lack of confidence showed. I never sold any of these, but some Jewell's from catalogues which I gave to my wife's friends. I tried to sell MLM base air cleaner in Japan. I sold about 20 units. I was quite close to break even. When this company found I am advertising in my own website, they asked me take it down. I asked why. They said it is company policy. Again I needed to give up, since 90% of sales came from my website and promotion.

Looking back those days, I now believe it was I who did not determined to succeed. In reflection, not in regret I think I could have buy out PC Company and make it work. Air Cleaner could be sold in different ways. But, I did not even try to continue. I just simply stopped doing. It was vital. When I stopped, the effort I put were all gone. But it is still alive as part of my experience.

I got myself involved in website M&A (Merger and Acquisition) consultation. Fortunately, there were some deals I could close. People tends to think that M&A is effort to go between the companies. But the reality was that I just picked someone who wanted to close the deal. This may be reality of business. Because first 2-3 deals, this company still keeps my company as a consultant. They are in trouble because they have not been able to close any deal for past 10 months. But they definitely gave me a space to breathe.

In private, I came back to San Francisco and started new life with my present wife. I could get Green Card, so the stay and work in US is not a problem any more. My wife works her professional and I helps my wife's business, too. We are good team. I hope to get myself back to my own business line of Internet and PC Network business. That lies on the top of my priority. I believe I can achieve that as long as I believe my potential and capability. My organization, their style of business, their faith, their line of products and services give me good comfort and confidence. Now it is up to me. I tell myself these days that I could have survive that confusion, I can do it. All the turmoil I experience is very good nutrition for my present and future business activities.

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Hilary said...

Hi Shaw .. you have been through the mill, haven't you? Talk about a rough ride - but you are in the right place now!

It's good that you can work with your wife & build things together .. that's excellent.

It's just nice to be in a place where you can get help, ask questions and know you've got friends around.

Have a good weekend .. Hilary

Shaw said...

Hiary - Thank you for your comment. You are totally right. I feel that I am now in the right place and with right people. I am excited about my future with my wife and friends. I appreciate your comments. Have a nice weekend.