Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Blog Tagged! More About Mrs. Shaw Funami, Zhen Wu

My excellent friends, Hugo and Roxanne great blogger of Believe Achieve, just tagged my blog! This is a fun thing with a neat twist. Instead of 25 random facts about me, I am supposed to share fun facts about our spouse/significant other.

I wrote about my wife Zhen Wu before. "Why didn't attend my wife's New Year Party?". So, I will list fun facts about my wife:

1. She likes to shop discounted items in regular shops. She does not shop in discount shops or outlets.
2. She is a neat person. She does not like disorganized.
3. When she starts to put things away, nobody in my family can sleep until she finishes organizing stuff.
4. She is not perfectionist, but she prefer not to make mistakes.
5. Her way of talking jumps around. I thought she was talking about lunch. She was talking about the dress she bought, yesterday.
6. She likes colorful dress. She prefer not to select simple colors like black, white, or gray.
7. After we subscribed Chinese and Japanese channels in cable TV, when she is awake, free, and around, she keeps watching Chinese channels. That means I cannot watch ether English or Japanese Channels.
8. There is nothing wrong with her driving, but she does not like driving much. She prefer her husband drives when he is available.
9. Even when her husband drives, she is not very good at handling speed. When I go too fast, she complains and asks to slow down.
10. She is originally from "An-Shan-She", North-East Part of China.
11. Her hometown is north of North Korea. It is very cold place in winter. Despite of that, she hates coldness of winter. She likes warm and hot place.
12. Even when it is too hot for regular people, she does not complain about hot summer. She enjoys it.
13. My wife is from Mandarin speaking area of China. She speaks a little bit of Cantonese, but not much.
14. She was living in San Francisco, Richmond Area right after she arrived in US in 1994.
15. The room she rent in Richmond, San Francisco, was almost part of Garage of a house.
16. Even Richmond, San Francisco was too cold for her. So she moved to San Diego in 1998.
17. She met her husband in her flight from San Francisco to San Diego.
18. After she met her husband, she end up coming back to San Francisco, where her husband was living.
19. She found San Francisco, Airport Area is not as cold as Richmond. She liked it and decided to stay.
20. Her important treasure is a cockatiel bird named "Goldy". "Goldy" was the closest to her for long time.
21. "Goldy" is now 14 years old. She hopes "Goldy" to have long life. When she worries she keeps asking how old "Goldy" can live. When she heard that a cockatiel can live for more than 20 years from veterinarian who treated Goldy's feet, she was very happy.
22. She tends to miss China when in US, miss US when in China.
23. She visited Tokyo several times, but her speaking Japanese is still limited. "Ohayo -Good Morning-" "Arigato -Thank you-" "Oishii -Delicious-".
24. She likes my mother laughs when she speaks in Japanese. "Oishii -Delicious-"
25. She is a spiritual woman. She is not scared, but believes in "Supra-natural Being".

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw .. thanks for that .. it's interesting to meet Zhen Wu .. please say "hello" to her for me!

It's fun to learn a little about her ways of life .. and her liking of warmer weather.

Thanks - Hilary:Be Positive Be Happy

Shaw said...

Hilary, Thank you for your visit. Some people admire the difference and are interested. Some other do not like it. I would rather enjoy the difference. If I enjoy, I can learn from it.

I am sure my wife will not survive winter in UK. LOL.

Thanks, again!